Marijean has been a life saver for a 38 year old athlete that is still trying to compete against 20 year old men. My name is Travis Mash, and I am a multi-world record holder in power lifting and was an Olympic hopeful in the sport of weightlifting in 2000. I am trying to get back to the Olympic finals next year, and I couldn’t have even dreamt about it without Marijean. She helped me with my comeback in the North Carolina State Championships in 2010, and together we won my weight class. She is a very knowledgeable massage therapist that can isolate problem areas and fix them. I would recommend her to anyone that wants a therapeutic therapist.


Hello Clayton here just a regular guy with a story to tell .I received a gift from my wife it was a full body massage at Shalom Therapeutic Massage. My wife said "it would relieve stress", my thoughts "yea right". when Marijean got done with me I was a dish rag. My body was totally relaxed and stress free for months. If you have stress, kinked muscles or other related problems I strongly recommend Marijean.


Thomasville, NC

I originally went to see Marijean because my daughters gave me a gift certificate on Mother's Day for a one hour massage. They had given me the nickname of TURTLE because I was stressed and in constant pain from the tension in my neck and shoulders. I was always trying things to loosen up. At this time, I have been going to Marijean every month for the last 18 months. I still have the stress, but the pain is at a level that I find much easier to manage. I use this one hour a month to unwind and relax and I think having Marijean give me a massage is the best medicine I could have. She is a true blessing and my cup truly runnith over.


Thomasville, NC

My husband and I are both clients of Shalom Therapeutic Massage. We realized the importance of massage after my husband, who is a firefighter, had his first one. He had not known he was carrying such stress in his body until Marijean got a hold of him. Afterward he felt such relief, and was relaxed and energized. Seeing this difference in him made me want to feel what he did!

Marijean takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and what you are looking to get out of the experience - and to call it just a massage is an understatement - it IS an experience.

We immediately realized the importance of massage to our overall wellness and adjusted our budget so that we each see Marijean on a regular basis.

I am very thankful that Marijean chooses to share the gifts God has given her with others!


Thomasville, NC

I started going to Marijean 2 years ago after a world related injury. She made a significant difference in the quality of my life. After she moved to Thomasville I felt as though the work she did was important enough for my wellbeing that I would drive over an hour round trip for a session with her. As a 70 year old active woman, I am firmly committed to good massage therapy as a significant part of my heath program. Marijean is a top professional in the work she does and she is a delightful human being both considerate and kind.


Winston Salem, NC

After suffering from a cervical injury over a year ago I felt like I had been robbed of life. I went the conventional medicine route for a year with slowed improvement and even plateaued. I turned to Shalom Therapeutic Massage to go at a team approach for treatment. Six months later and I have regained some of my life back and couldn't be happier. Marijean took care of me like I mattered.


Thomasville, NC